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Back in 2005 I brought a Roy Smeck ukulele to school. Kids were intrigued and wanted to try to play it themselves. The sound was pretty cool with just a few simple chords. Within a few weeks kids had bought their own Mahalo ukes and started to really enjoy playing.

Since that first ukulele group the Cal-Mum Uke club has had about forty students join-up every year. It has been a joy to teach in a school that is filled with the plinkety-plunk of the uke music.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little waltz

The band director at our school has created a piece that has really been a hit with the ukulele club kids. It is a beautiful number that is very fun to play, and introduces many kids to a style of music with which they have had little exposure.

Here is the tutorial video by Tom:

The plucking pattern is 1st and 3rd once followed by the 2nd and 4th twice