Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Conquest of 50 (a uke Odyssey)

About five days ago Terry Hardy signed up on Twitter as 50StateUke, and I thought that is seemed like an interesting moniker. So, I followed his tweets and told him I thought the idea of playing ukulele in all 50 states was an ambitious one; because I was having trouble just playing my ukulele at home. He contacted me to clarify and share the broader scope of, what already seemed to be a monumental task.

Terry Hardy:

My plan is actually a little more complicated than I can state in 140 characters.  I am planning on learning every state song (or at least one - some states have more than one) and play them on ukulele at each state capitol. I researched the songs, and have transcribed them for uke.  I have played so far in Phoenix and Honolulu...only 48 more to go :)  I am going to do it in pieces, with multiple road trips.  Some trips will be this year here in the west (I live in Denver). I have pictures to document it, and have some video from Hawaii (I plan to video each one).  A web site will be forthcoming with me playing these songs once I learn them, and documentation as it comes along. I hope to play on my Pono concert uke (for work I take my Risa travel uke).
Anyway, that is the crazy plan.

Whoa! The word ambitious just doesn't seem to apply well to Terry's monumental plan. If you're on Twitter, I would suggest signing up to follow 50StatesUke, and become part of the Corps of Discovery in state songs on the uke.

Good luck and Godspeed Terry!

Doing wonderful things for people.
Check out: http://terryhardymusic.com/


Jeff said...

@50StateUke You were just in Charlotte, N.C. I live in the bedroom community of Matthews. I'd love for my daughter and I to meet you. She's a sophomore in high school and is interested in Music Therapy.
Jeff Jones

YesterUkes said...

Sad. I read about this just as he left SC. Would have been fun to meet him.

Anonymous said...

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