Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well the new year has come and I find that I'm still in a bit of a panic trying to get New York State curriculum covered while also having time to work with students on their ukulele skills. My skills have fallen by the wayside as the year has progressed and that is a shame.
So, anyway, the song de jure is Hey Soul Sister. It's the kind of song you either love or hate - thank goodness I love this tune or i would be in a bad way. Here are a couple of my students having a go at recording this during their lunch break:


Seth said...


I enjoyed listening to Hey Soul Sister. What I heard was joy, not panic. The panic of testing is all over education from NY to NC. What I don't always hear are students enjoying themselves, challenging themselves, collaborating together, working through the creative process, and enjoying the fruits of their success. That's what you are teaching them and those are the 21st Century skills they need to be successful in life.

Rock on...

Ukulelear said...

Hi Seth!

Thanks for putting that in perspective!

suzala said...

You can come teach that kind of "panic" in our district here on L.I. anytime!
ps. are those kids whipping off the E, B and C#dim chords that I am soo struggling with?! erghhghh#$%#$%#

Ukulelear said...

Hi Suzala,

Our band instructor changed the key for us so the kids in the band could play easier notes. With the chord changes it is easier to play but almost out of my range to sing :)

The link to the song in F is at:

Best regards,

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