Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ukulele Spring Concert

Fun final song for the end of elementary school for these wonderful 5th grade uke club kids. These song that have an infectious appeal for students really make practice an easy and enjoyable experience.


Jim D'Ville said...

Hey, Kyle, A great video! You rock and so do the kids. Every uke was in perfect tune!

Seth N. Brown said...

That is too Cool.

Ukulelear said...

Seth and Jim,

Thanks for the kind comments. This was a great number for the kids. They loved to practice and sing this song - I'll have to find more of these infectious tunes.


UP said...

Great post. Takes me to when I taught in the elementary school. That's a lot of kids working together for a grand finale. Great job!

Ukulelear said...

Hi Ukulele Perspective,
That was an exciting end to the year. I'm going to rest-up over summer and see if I can do it all over again next year :)


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