Monday, October 10, 2011

Lesson One: Brother John

Starting back with the Cal-Mum Ukulele Club this last week and decided I needed a practice book with companion videos. I'm not getting as much contact time with the club members, so I'm putting up the videos and searching for those self-starters to help get the uke tunes rolling.

Life is busy, and I have to capture these videos in one take - as you can see.
Oh, also, I switched the blog format back to the original - much easier to edit.


Sonsdad said...

This was really good, are there others?

K. Leonard said...

Thanks! This is the first song in our book that I put together. I'm going to take the video this next week for "Wheels on the Bus" with a C and G chord. I'll keep posting these simple songs here and on my YouTube channel -
The practice book is a Word document that has all songs in the public realm. I will post a link on this blog if anyone wants it.

Thanks again,

Ukulele Perspective said...

Great! ON several fronts. First, much easier for me to see what's new on the blog so I like the switch back. Second, love the way you're doing the book. The bean truck is a bonus the way you handle it. Love it! And hurrah for you on the book. When it's done, you ought to sell it to everyone who wants one but is not in the Cal-Mum group. Put it on ejunkie and see what other classes or young players will get one for Christmas. Hope your year is going well! (from a former elem. teacher) - UP

K. Leonard said...

This video was put together fast. My daughter was watching Dora the Explorer and I knew she was going to need me to go push her in the swing set. I just had to deal with the traffic. :) Thank you for your kind words about this setup. I think the book with video is the best way to help kids when i can't be with them. I'm buried in New York State Core Curriculum changes and end of year testing in that is scheduled for APRIL! Crazy... The Uke Club is going well and we will be performing at our Christmas Concert. A number called "I Wanna Go to Hawai'i" It's a fun song - I'll post a video.
All my best,

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