Friday, October 12, 2012

Crazy G

Okay, "Crazy G" has a 20s or 30s sound, but I can't seem to find out where it came from. I can't say I really did any exhaustive research - I tend to peter-out at about 5 minutes on most of my Google searches, so there may be some information.

Anyway, this is a quick tutorial I took on my iPhone of our own Mr. T. playing a snippet of Crazy G. I think kids would love to play it as it picks up the speed of a runaway train.


Liesbeth en Karl said...

I remember reading somewhere that someone (Bill Monroe?) said to Earl Scruggs about his 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown': "that's not a song, that's just a chord sequence!".

Same can be said about Crazy G, and I suppose the lack of commercial recordings reflects the doubts about the copyrights to it. The 1939 Kaai ukulele method has a bit called 'the Hula Jazz' that sounds in parts a bit like this (a chromatic 'wiggle' and a downward shift from I to VI), but it's in D and is much less elaborate than this.

Kyle Leonard said...

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