Monday, November 23, 2009

Ode to Michelle

I feel I owe Michelle Kiba a big mahalo for providing me with a tremendous resource. About five years ago when I was searching, somewhat frantically on the web, for chord diagrams, I tripped across her page. I remember the surprise I had when I saw her chart available in pdf. I contacted her and was given permission to post the chart on my student's uke club page. The chart has attracted visitors from all around the globe to our little uke club page.

I was able to use Michelle's chart to produce a Left-handed Uke Chord Chart. I have had a few left-handed players and some look so forlorn when I try to get them to play "right" that I had to restring their ukes. Lefty:

Michelle's web page:

Michelle Kiba, the Ukulele Lady


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