Saturday, November 14, 2009

Possibility's Wall

Ukes parked on the wall.
Kids keep their ukes insight as they wait for a math lesson to end. When break time comes there will be a rush for the wall to pull their uke down and start strumming - a life with music.

In the picture are a few of the twelve black Mahalo ukes donated by Geoffrey Rezek, founder the Ukulele Society of Connecticut. The ukes were donated a few years ago by Geoffrey in an effort to get ukuleles into the hands of as many kids as possible. Many students buy their own uke, but for those who can't there is always one available. Thanks Geoffrey.


Teri said...

Hey Kyle, Like the way you have the ukes hanging on the wall. I need to figure out how to set that up for my class. My issue is going to be space.

What great incentive for your kids.


Kyle Leonard said...

I had maintenance hang a one inch by one inch board. Then I put the hangers I found at the hardware store in about every foot and a half. Yes, the kids want to get at the ukes every chance they get. If my uke was hanging on my classroom wall when I was in fifth grade - that would have been memorable.

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