Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jacob Borshard

I started playing in 2005 and while putting a website together for my ukulele club I discovered one of the great ukulele stories of our time. If you have been a fan of the ukulele for a while you will probably recognize Jacob Borshard. But, back in 2007 when the whole uke scene was new to me I tripped across his story and his affection for Drew Barrymore. I knew I would like this guy if I ever had the chance to meet him. He really comes across a very genuine person.

Jacob in his own words from an interview on Indieblips 

"I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore starting in about 10th grade when she was a Guess Jeans model.  One of my early songs was called 'Drew' and was about her kissing E.T.  I went to see all her bad movies and let it be known that I would one day meet her. Fast forward to 2007 - I was watching TV with Sarah (girlfriend?) and we saw a commercial advertising a songwriting/music video contest where the winner would be flown to Hollywood to walk the red carpet for Drew's new movie. It seemed like the contest was made for me. I went back to Portland and got to work on a video for 'Grass Stains'. At the end of the shoot, I was getting some shots outside a seafoam colored elementary school in Portland when the cops showed up. They believed that I was trying to lure children, and it didn't help that I was wearing a cape and filming video with a webcam. They abused me a bit and gave me a trespass warning which banned me from Portland Public School property for a year. Of course I ended up winning the video contest. Sarah and I flew to Hollywood and walked the red carpet. I finally met Drew at the cast and crew after-party and she was a total sweetheart. She graciously carved her name into my uke, and that was that."

The Artist:
Jacob is not confined to music as his only artistic outlet. You can see some of his colection on his website . Here is a peek inside his head with a piece entitled: Clans of the Great Pony Rebellion:


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