Tuesday, December 29, 2009

8 oz.

Back in the early 70's my grandfather had a Buick dealership. Out
where the guys worked on the cars was a Coke machine with a long door
on the left that had about six bottles lined up. You had to read the
cap to see what was in the bottle. I remember 7UP and Orange Crush,
but all I ever wanted was a Coke.
They were small bottles back then, 8 oz., but the taste on a hot day
was incredible. They made that stuff with real cane sugar - I can
remember the taste, you can tell it was cane sugar when your teeth rub
together, a unique texture.
Today I stop and get a Coke, it's not the same as it once was; plastic
bottle, 20 oz. - more than twice what I had as a kid - more than twice
I need. There is always some left in the bottle; we've become a nation
of not finishing our drinks.
So, after finding the ukulele about five years ago I find that my
electric guitar is the Big Gulp I don't seem to need anymore. It
sits and gathers dust as I happily play my little soprano - the 8 oz.
ice-cold Coke-in-a-glass-bottle I ever really wanted.


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