Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Real Music

The following post was on Ukulele Underground in response to the idea that some see the ukulele as a lesser instrument. Grammy's words below helped me to happily move on:

Don't worry that its not good enough for anyone else but you.

To play uke, or anything else for that matter, because it is cool is silly, to play because it is uncool is equally silly. to even worry about popularity or fame or your audience or what anyone thinks, or what instruments are better or worse like there is some kind of pecking order is just plain stupid. To be impressed or offended by the opinion of anyone is vanity, and vanity is for shallow people. You simply need to express yourself. Play what you want to, how you want to and from your heart everything else is just so much fluff in the belly button of life.... in the end, inside you is where art comes from, so...make art for arts sake, for the joy of your soul. Nothing, but nothing, else matters.

Ask Jake, or Julia or Brudder Iz or Eric Clapton or Jimmy Paige or Paul McCartney or anyone who really is a musical artist, they will tell you the same thing.

Posted by: Ukulele Underground member: Grammy, Budapest, Hungary


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