Sunday, December 6, 2009


My memories are probably clouded by nostalgia, but I think the part of me that wants to write ukulele songs was nourished during the endless hours I spent riding in the back seat of my parent's Buicks; the Wildcats, Skylarks, and Electra 225s. Those countless hours were spent traveling, sitting on the backseat hump, chin on crossed arms resting along the top of the front seat. Watching the speedometer hardly ever pass much above 55 mph, my dad drove with precision. I was only nervous on those snowy nights when I couldn't see the road ahead.
I had time to think. It was an hour's drive to our lake cottage and we went often. Roads and drivers seem different back then. I don't remember too much aggression on the roads. I don't remember people passing us often, or us passing them. Just enjoying the travel and the view - much like a ukulele song.


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