Saturday, April 17, 2010

Columbia Chainless

Columbia Chainless

The steps take us happy
And We breath
Antibelum heart, warm summer night
We climb under palmetto banner

Dreams of great generations
Be mine lovely
We will make all the right choices
And feel the tug of our destiny

Need we find the stars bolted down
Memories of hard times
The rockets have long gone quiet
The lights now of traffic in our time

You a perfect rose and tea
Me cordovan tips of wings and free
And all is mixed with clove
With no idea what it would be
© 2010 KL

The Columbia Chainless:
My grandfather's 1898 Columbia shaft drive bicycle was given to me by my mom when my grandfather passed away in 1980. The name is forever etched in my mind. Years later my yet-to-be wife and I would spend chainless nights in downtown Columbia, SC; also forever etched in my mind.


HumbleUker said...

Very, very, very cool! Nice bike. I am fixing up a bike-built-4-2 now. Love the great photos. Jeff

mark scotch said...

do you still have the Columbia? I recently purchased a 1902 Crawford shaft drive and would like to compare notes, if possible.

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