Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Brown Ukulele

This poem was handed to me neatly folded just before lunch on Friday
without a word spoken - a gift. Working on poetry that
describes a place or thing, one student took the time to make
everything in school feel all the more special. I'm as flattered by these
words as anyone would be, but more than my flattery is my awe in the
deeper concepts of life that can be expressed in the words of one who
is only ten years old. The power of music and thought.


Deborah said...

And I am in awe at the impact you have in the life of your students. Thanks for all that you give and are to them. We never know the effect we have on the life of another and it is always something to celebrate when we get a glimpse of our impact. A little ukulele playing and a big heart goes a long way...

J said...

whoa. Special!

Kyle said...

Yes, it is not very often (okay, up until now it was never) that I have had a poem writen about my teaching and playing skills. Now I just have to live up to the words...

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