Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poem for the Class of 2017

Class of 2017

Our classroom at the top of the stairs
messy desks and busy minds
with questions to answer
ukuleles to play
lessons to recall in future times.

We made our history together
although the records won't tell
of the small moments
and quiet triumphs
that in our minds will dwell.

With warming of days has brought a sign
our parting is ever near
the closing of books
and saying goodbye
bringing an ending to our year.

In the spanning of eternity
this time we will call our own
however far
or ever near
to Caledonia, our home.

By Kyle Leonard
Grade 5 teacher

I was inspired by my students to try and capture the bittersweet emotion that takes place every spring in the hearts of all teachers and students at Caledonia-Mumford Elementary School.

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Amy LV said...

Writing a poem to your class at year's end is such a beautiful tradition. They'll keep this and will read it in the years to come, and when you read'll remember this particular class too. Thank you for sharing it with all of us, Kyle. Lucky students!

Theresa said...

Kyle - what a lovely tribute to your students. Amy's post today brought tears to my eyes and led me to your site. The students that I have worked with this year have left their mark on me as a teacher. They have truly loved learning and worked so well together. Early in the year they fell in love with poetry. I am going to start on a poem(s) for them as soon as I finish my report cards. Thank you for sharing. ~Theresa

Kyle said...

Thank you Amy and Theresa for your comments. This poem captures the emotional difficulty of ending the year. There is so much to do - report cards are hard enough without the packing up and filing of permenent records. In all this crazyness we have to make sure we let go. And the letting go has to be handled with such care, because it is much like making a first impression - it has to end like a good book. All the players need to leave the stage with fulfilled. In the last moments before letting them go I like to remind them that we will not get a chance to all be in the same place ever again - then I'm going to look at each child and tell them what they have done to make a lastng impression on me.

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