Sunday, June 13, 2010

Falling Fast

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Not really the best
time to reflect on the year because it will be an emotional time. As
in the past, I have witnessed young ukulele players' fledgling
attempts blossom into real musical abilities. I have also watched the
day-to-day learning of math and language arts taking place. But, these
practices require much effort from teacher and student. It is really
the natural attraction we all seem to have, to greater and lesser
degrees, to and for art, that reveals a clear self motivation in
people. When I see kids working on anything without a constant
prodding by me, I know that magic is taking place - the perpetual
thinking machine - the mind - is aggregating information and making
conections without the restriction of my lens. The world opens up. If
there is said to be "an art" to anything, it implies a measure of
mystery and magic. I'm not sure I can teach that, just as a farmer
doesn't teach the wheat to grow. As in teaching, farming is the art of
keeping fertile ground where the stage is set for growth. I'll think
some more on this as I go play my uke.


J said...

Congrats on a successful teaching year. Not everyone can have such. It looks like a ukesong to the school year would be forthcoming! Am I right? : - )

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