Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Xtranormal: Just to See if I Could

Well, I thought this might be an interesting way to teach kids how their written dialog might sound when spoken. But, I got suckered into it, and had to make one myself. The only problem comes when you want the xtranormal characters to say odd words like ukulele. I had to play around with the spelling and finally found that "yewkah laylee" sounded pretty good when the electronic voices reproduced the sounds. This is not really all that interesting a video unless you are a kid in my Cal-Mum Uke Club. If you happen to make a xtranormal ukulele video please share it with me - I would love to see it.

This is called: I Need a Ukulele


suzalele said...

I LOVED the line, " I want a pink one because they sound the best."! I have an 8 year old and this sounds like a soundtrack from my everyday life. -and I'd like to know what happened to her recorder too!

Amy LV said...

Hilarious! I love this! I have seen one of these before (an illustrator fending off a wanna be author saying "But my book is the best book you'll ever illustrate!") What a blast! Please let me know if you try it with teaching dialogue. When are you starting a teaching blog, Kyle? A.

Amy LV said...

ps - BUZZO's! We both went to Geneseo. You've got to send this to him!

Ukulelear said...

Dear suzalele,
I get all my material from my 5th graders :) My daughter is only three, so she doesn't think she's smarter than me yet - I hope...

I'm taking the uke kids on a field trip tomorrow to see Jake Shimaukuro play with a local high school's orchestra. We will get to sit through a question/answer period after the mini-concert.

This will be wild!

Ukulelear said...

Dear Amy,

Your new picture is reminiscent of Edna St. Vincent Millay I think - very cool.

I think you should do an Extranormal for a poem. It would be interesting to remove all the emotional aspects to see if it might let some other power from the words reach the listener.

A teaching blog... Why does that seem scary?

I'll ask Buzzo..


Anonymous said...

This is great, Kyle! Hilarious! Yet so true. It takes a bit to get the wording right so thanks for the tip on spelling ukulele! I used my free points to show my students how easy it is to make an Xtranormal movie but I got caught up trying to get the actions timed right. ( It's a class on blogging not the ukulele. Maybe I'll try a movie for the ukulele!

Kyle said...

Hey Uke Perspective!
I loved the line "How can I share my genius with the world when I've never thought about it?" Too funny. Thanks for sharing. I'll keep my eye out for your ukulele movie.
All the best,

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