Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inspiration Club

So, February is going by fast as I try and write some lyrics to fourteen song. This really makes February much more exciting up here in the cold North. Maybe like this pictured uke I should have my T.V. Pal with me while relaxing with my daughter watching Dora the Explorer.
The first uke song I listened to was a wonderful song entitled Emotions of the Snow by artist Whispered Candles. She was kind enough to give us all a glimpse into her late-night song writing process:

Liner Notes:12:05 AM, February 1st:
Whispered Candles picks up her ukulele and decides to write a song that mentions the cold weather. She begins to strum around with some different chords and makes up some lyrics to go along with it.

12:30 AM, February 1st:
She picks up a piece of paper, and begins to write down the lyrics she has been singing with her new chords and rhythm in mind. Then she practices the song a couple more times, becoming familiar with her newly written down lyrics.

Shortly before 1 AM, February 1st:
She opens garageband, and tests levels of the computer mic and their ability to pick up the ukulele.

Around 1 AM, February 1st:
She begins recording, scrutinizing, nervously messing up, re-recording, etc.

Shortly before 1:30 AM:
She has a complete demo recorded.
Then she decides to see if she can record a second vocal track in one take so the lyrics are more easily understood.

1:30 AM:
Vocal take was successful, and she watches with pleasure as it converts her first demo of FAWM 2010 convert to an mp3 format.

2:00 AM:
Whispered Candles had fallen asleep by this point, and likely dreamed of all the other songs she has yet to write for FAWM 2010.


I looked outside and saw the cloud
I hoped it'd be warm enough to rain
But then I called you on the phone
And you assured me that it would snow

It is so cold today
And I can't tell if it's the weather or your mood
But the chill in here is almost unbearable

We sit by the fire sipping hot chocolates and teas
I beg you not to leave
But you tell me you have work
Even though the offices are closed

It has gotten so cold here
And by now I'm sure I'm more affected by that you don't care
Well maybe I'll just disappear I can become one with the snow

A month's gone by and you are knocking at my door
But I've moved on and I don't need you anymore
You ask if you can step inside
Warm your fingers by the fire
Before you go home

Oh, and now you are so cold
But I'm happy and warm and I'll have you know
You missed your chance it's time to go I'm going outside to enjoy the snow



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