Saturday, February 20, 2010

L.M.'s Koa

My sister-in-law is having a replica of the Martin 3K made for her by a
friend who builds guitars - for the most part. This is a picture of
the uke in the process of having the finish applied. I'll have more
pictures soon, I hope.
I started this ukulele blog as a way of watching my children play
while I type out uke stuff on my iPhone. I'm replacing my ukulele
playing with just writing about the ukulele. Maybe people out there
can kind-of understand how hard it is to play the ukulele when your
kids don't really want to hear it. They're too young to have any
interest in it yet. So, in these in-between-days I'll just surf around
and live vicariously through other people's ukulele exploits. The live-
feed of ukulele blogs on the left side of this blog is a testiment, I
think, to the growth of the uke; I'll just keep adding my "two cents"
because it is a wonderful diversion - a way to practice writing and
stay in touch.
I wish all the best to anyone who takes an interest in the ukulele
because, really it just adds joy to the world.


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