Monday, February 15, 2010

No Coincidence

So, I've gone through most of my life being mildly interested, amused,
and sometimes astonished by things that seem coincidental. Although,
lately I have been entertaining the thought that nothing is
coincidence. To me, this is starting to seem like a much more
interesting way to look at life - a lens that makes everything seem
meaningful and special. I've always listened to people who say that
everything happens for a reason, and in the past I've smiled and
quietly dismissed this saying as being just words to help get us
through one moment and on to the next. Now I'm thinking everything,
every-single-thing has a purposeful meaning; every word, every breath,
every thought. While trying to conceive of how this might all work I
also must take into consideration that not everyone has an equal lot
in life - for me a truly confounding part of the equation.
(Photo: Art Deco Lamp w/ Ukulele)


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